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Lauren Drain Kagan, la modelo de fitness que superó un oscuro pasado

Tiene 30 años y no es solamente una mujer atlética. Lauren Drain Kagan dedicó sus últimos años a ejercitar el cuerpo, en un arduo régimen basado en el fitness y la comida saludable. Pero ademáses la autora de un libro que se convirtió en best seller en Estados Unidos: “Banished”.

Lejos de ser un relato basado en una dieta o simplemente una rutina de entrenamiento, el libro de Drain es una crónica que refiere a los siete años que pasó como miembro de la Iglesia “Bautista de Westboro”, un grupo religioso famoso por sus posturas homofóbicas y antisemitas.

If you follow me on SnapChat (LaurenDrainFit) you’ll see that I don’t starve myself, that I do indulge in the occasional treat or cheat meal. I work out 5-6 days a week & 80% of the time I eat “clean”. It’s also taken me well over a year to put on the muscle mass that now helps with burning through those calories – I never crash diet, I don’t deplete myself of XY or Z; I simply try and have good balance. And yes, there are time I am very lean and times I am less so… But I have control over what my body does and so do you ?? See link in my bio for workout guides & programs @laurendrainfitness ••• Comment your SnapChat name & I’ll be sending some of you personal Snaps today ?? ••• MUA: @mua_ambyrrose

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Get up everyday with purpose. What goals do you hope to accomplish even in this one day? We are all given the same 24 hrs, 7 days a week, and have the ability to restructure our priorities so that we can accomplish things we wouldn’t otherwise. Maybe get up 30 min earlier to go for a run or spin. Maybe skip a tv show or some down time to train at night. Maybe you have career or family goals you want to obtain one day. I personally was tired of my old stressful routine but I decided to work at changing things I didn’t like day by day. I found time to train with an exhausting night shift job. I found time to study and learn a new trade. Everyday I visualized a different life where I could have the flexibility to work “from home”, operate my own businesses, stay in shape and be in the position to motivate others to progress towards their goals/dreams in life. I am humbled and blessed to say, change is possible but you have to want it and work towards it even when it’s just one day. Time can seem like an enemy if you’re not patient or if your day is only bogged down with stressful events. But time is beautiful and humbling when you get a chance to see how far you’ve come with just a little effort a day at a time. #MondayMotivation #blessed #earned ?| @montoyaelduro

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When the legs match the booty ? Can’t have one without the other ? See link in bio for booty building guides @laurendrainfitness

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